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For years, many customers have raved about our low prices for our storage buildings. Lately, we have noticed a growing amount of customers wanting to shop around for the best available price. A recent customer, who had just finished a substantial amount of bargain hunting, revealed to us that we have some of the lowest prices around. He even mentioned, It's more expensive to buy a DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Wood Shed from Lowe's than buy a barn from Byrd's. We found this hard to believe since Lowe's is such a large company and usually offer competitive prices. So the research began...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Byrd's vs Cardinal Buildings

Our closest competitor, only about 15 miles from BW, is located between Clayton and Garner. They offer a wide range of products and services, including building utility sheds, gazebos, garages, and moving storage buildings (we will compare that service in the next post). Aside from gazebos, their product depth is very similar to our own.
Upon visiting their website you will notice they fail to display the prices of almost all of these products (they do have an annoying video that plays when you open the site). They ask you call and request a complimentary catalog to learn of their prices (This holds true as they even sent one to me).
Since Cardinal Buildings' A-Roof Shed varies in front/back and side wall heights I can only fairly compare their 12'x12', 12'x16', and 12'x20' size A-Roofs to our own (Also very popular sizes with our customers). There are obviously other sizes built and sold by both companies but these are the easiest and most appropriate to compare (Just note and compare wall sizes if you wish to investigate further).


Both have 9.5 ft front/back wall

SizeByrd's Wholesale (*7.5 ft)Cardinal Buildings (*7 ft)Difference
12' x 12'$ 1,584.00$ 2,625.003$ 1,041.00
12' x 16'$ 2,112.00$ 3,205.003$ 1,093.00
12' x 20'$ 2,640.00$ 3,803.003$ 1,163.00

When Comparing the Dutch or Barn style buildings I will look at the 10'x10', 10'x12', and 10'x16' due to the differences in wall sizes. Notice the chart below for comparisons.


Both have 11 ft front/back wall

SizeByrd's Wholesale (*5 ft)Cardinal Buildings (*6 ft)Difference
10' x 10'$ 1,199.00$ 2,043.003$ 844.00
10' x 12'$ 1,320.00$ 2,135.003$ 815.00
10' x 16'$ 1,760.00$ 2,707.003$ 947.00
* - Side wall height
Link to Cardinal Buildings LLC's building page


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