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For years, many customers have raved about our low prices for our storage buildings. Lately, we have noticed a growing amount of customers wanting to shop around for the best available price. A recent customer, who had just finished a substantial amount of bargain hunting, revealed to us that we have some of the lowest prices around. He even mentioned, It's more expensive to buy a DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Wood Shed from Lowe's than buy a barn from Byrd's. We found this hard to believe since Lowe's is such a large company and usually offer competitive prices. So the research began...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Byrd's vs Cardinal Buildings (Shed Moving)

As you may know, Byrd's Wholesale also offers Storage Building moving services. Occasionally customers will later want to move their building around in their own yard or even transport it to another property. However we know we aren't the only company to preform such services but we didn't exactly know who else did. One company we found that did offer this unique service was Cardinal Buildings. An outline of their prices compared to our own is below (Note that both Byrd's and Cardinal Buildings stress that prices are "unseen" estimates only).

Cardinal Buildings
  • 8ft - $285
  • 10ft - $365
  • 12ft - $450
  • After 20 loaded miles - $3 per mile
  • After 1.5 hours of work - $50 per hour
  • Wider than 12'1" - $75 for escort car
Its a lot of stipulations. They also have fees for removing steps or ramps and if you aren't ready when they get to your location. Take a look at Byrd's Wholesale's prices.

Byrd's Wholesale
  • If we move a building inside your property within 50 miles of our address. - $75.00
  • If we move a building from property to property within a 10 mile radius of our address. - $150.00
  • If we move a building from property to property beyond a 10 mile radius of our address. There is an extra charge of $25.00 for each additional 10 miles. - $200.00


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